Tuesday, March 23, 2010

House update..wishes and wants

We have spent the last little while getting things done in the house. So far we have completed the kids room, part of the living room and thats about it. I have decided that when you own a house the work never ends especially if you are trying to get it ready to sell. We still have a lot to do when it comes to painting and repairing things and on top of it we still have to maintain the usual house hold things. I can't wait for this to be done and hopefully we can sell the house and get a bigger one! I am really looking forward to having some more space. Even though I love our little house and always will since it was the first house we ever bought as a married couple but I do have to say I am not so attached that I wouldn't want to move into something bigger that will fit our family and continue to fit it as the kids grow. Right now the two bedroom is working but Maddi is all ready saying that she wants her own room. I think Gaige would be happy sharing for awhile longer. I would love to have a second bathroom and more than anything a dining room that would fit my big table so that when we entertain (which is often) we can fit everybody at a real table not fold out ones in my living room. I have decided that when we start looking a second bathroom and dining room are two things I have to have! Paint etc... can be changed I just want to focus on the layout. Well enough said for now I am hoping we can finish this house stuff and put it up for sell by May 1st. We will see how the cards play out.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Business Update

So here is the Business update since I have not done one recently. Right now GMS Counseling has 24 clients! March has been very good to us so far, we received 12 clients so far for the month of march and we still have this week and next before it is over. Duane got our website up and running and we are also on facebook. (Thanks Duane) If you are interested our website is www.gmscounseling.com We are also having an open house for the business on March 25th starting at 4 pm feel free to stop by and say Hi. My dad is continuing to work hard on writing a proposal for a contract that comes up soon so hopefully we will get one of the contracts and that will give us even more clients. Well that is about all for now I will update again later.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Grandpa Great

Well March started off with a bang! It was my Grandpa Thornhill's 83rd birthday on March 4th and we decided to celebrate it on march 5th so most of the family could be there. I decided to host a Birthday Dinner at my house and the kids decided that their Grandpa Great needed a real birthday party with cake and decorations and of course presents! I let the twins pick the cake and decorations and they decided Thomas the Train would be good (this worked great since grandpa retired from the railroad). I ordered grandpa a cupcake cake in the shape of a train and when I went to pick it up on Friday it was a disaster! The cake looked like something the twins colored! I threw a huge fit and told the people I would not pay for that piece of crap and they gave me the cake for free and then said the only thing they could do was give me one of the pre decorated cakes but I would have to pay full price for that one I told them where to stick it and went to Bowmans and told their bakery my dilemma and they told me that if I would use a pre baked cake they all ready had they would decorate it and give me 5 dollars off. I went with that and the cake turned out great! The lady that helped us also gave the twins a tour of the bakery and a free cookie they were so excited! I decided that Bowmans has now won my business! We ended up with a Thomas the Train Cake and I was delicious! After the cake drama we went home and I started cooking and I basically cooked all day! I made deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer and then a Ham dinner with potatoes, green bean casserole, and candied carrots and of course can't forget the rolls! Everybody showed up to the house about 530pm and enjoyed visiting. The twins were so excited that they wouldn't take a nap and by 630 they both conked out and slept through the whole dinner. The did wake up in time to sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa Great and help him eat his cake! Over all it was a wonderful evening and I think My Grandpa enjoyed his day!
He is a wonderful man and I love him dearly! Not only is he an amazing father and grandfather but he is a wonderful Great Grandfather and I am so grateful that my children are able to get to know him and spend time with him! As I watch the way my Grandpa plays with the twins it brings back great memories from my childhood and the times I spent playing with him. 28 years later he still gets down on the ground and plays with the kids the same way I remember him playing with me!


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