Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthdays, Graduation, Camping Oh My.....

Okay I am so far behind it is not even funny there has been a lot going on lately and I have not had enough time to blog about it so be prepared its going to be a long one!

Moms' Graduation: My mom Graduated with her Masters Degree in Social Work on May 6th. I just want to say that I am very proud of her for accomplishing this long deserved goal! My daddy, jake, Adrian, Grandpa Great, Grandma Great, Mike, Me, and the twins celebrated this accomplishment by watching her walk then we all went to Dee's in bountiful for a late night snack that turned into all of us getting breakfast or dinner. We had a blast just hanging out and celebrating. Its not very often we can all get together. Congratulations Mom!

Gaige and Maddi's Friend Birthday Party: Next we celebrated Gaige and Maddi's 3rd Birthday. Let me start by saying I can't believe how big they are and how grown up they can act. This year they wanted to plan their party. I decided to go with it and see what they could do, let me tell you they truly amaze me. They started by picking the park as the place they would have their friend party then they decided who they would invite by naming their friends and then saying their parents could come too if they wanted. Next Maddi chose a Princess theme for the girls and Gaige chose a Lightning McQueen theme for the boys. I took them to Zurchers and they picked out decorations, party bags, and balloons. We then decided to make cupcakes for the park. Then Gaige informed me " mom...we need to give the grown up's a snack" I asked him what he wanted to feed them and this was his reply " Chips and Salsa and Strawberries with dip" So needless to say I went and got "grown up" snacks. On Saturday May 8th we went to the park and set up the pavilion for their party. The kids had so much fun playing with their friends! I have to say it was nice visiting with the adults. After the kids played for a while we sang Happy Birthday and ate cupcakes. Then the kids got to open presents. I just want to thank everybody for coming and for the wonderful presents you gave the twins!

Gaige and Maddi's Family Party/ Mothers Day: Gaige and Maddison actually turned 3 on Sunday May 9th which also happened to be Mothers day. We celebrated mothers day the night before and the kids gave me flowers and each picked out a pearl bracelet for me. I loved the fact they actually picked out the present it made it very special. I wear my bracelets everyday, and when I look at them I am reminded how lucky I am to be their mother! In the afternoon we went up to Grandma Vicki's to set up for the family party. The kids decided that they wanted Hamburgers and Hot dogs for their dinner. We decorated the back patio and instead of cupcakes the kids each had their own cakes. We had a wonderful BBQ with Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Great, Buna, PaPa, Jake, Adrian, Tyson, Chelsie, Sean, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Paul, Great Uncle Jeff, and Great Aunt Gwen. The kids and adults had a blast! We played and visited then opened presents and had cake. It was a wonderful night and I know the twins had a wonderful Birthday!

During the month of May we did a couple of fun things. We started off with the kids first trip of the summer to the Zoo. I think this is actually the first year they remember it. Mike had a Monday off so we packed up the kids, went and picked Grandpa Great up and headed to the zoo. First we had to stop and eat at Grandpa and Gaige's favorite place Chuck a Grama (this is what Gaige calls it) after lunch we headed to the zoo and the kids had a blast! I can't believe how much walking they did. I rented a stroller and it mainly carried all of our stuff. We had a good time looking at all of the animals and at the end Grandpa Great suggested that we take the kids on the Train so we did and they loved it! For some reason the train seemed so much longer when I was little but all in all it is still so much fun to visit the zoo.

We have also taken a few trips to the dinosaur park. The kids new favorite thing is dinosaurs and they can't get enough of that park. I have to say it is a fun place and a great place to walk around and enjoy the outdoors! This last time we went with Grandpa Great and he bought the kids a book on the different kind of dinosaurs and we have been reading it every night before bed.
Well this is it for now stay tuned for part 2: camping, fathers day......and more


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