Monday, February 6, 2012

I really need to get better at this

Okay so it came to my attention that I have not updated my blog in a really long time I am going to try and be better about this. So we will start fresh today.
Things have been a bit crazy with the Smith family. My schedule has changed yet again and I am now part time with the hospital and part time with the business. GMS has over 200 clients now and it keeps getting busier and busier. I am so excited to participate in the growth of our business. I love going to court and seeing how the business works. I look forward to doing more. I found out that I can possibly get my SSW by taking 2-3 classes. The crappy thing is I have to go back to school but the good thing is its only 2-3 classes which I can do in one semester. I will hopefully be doing this in the summer we will have to see.
The twins are doing fantastic they are now in Pre-School and loving every minute of it. I have to say sending them to school has been a big change more for me than them. I can't believe that my babies are old enough for school.
Maddi is still tall and skinny. She is such a happy and loving little girl. She loves animals and has all ready convinced me to keep a stray cat she found. This is the newest edition to the family and her name is Princess Kitty Lynn Lynn Smith. I have finally talked Maddi into just calling her Princess for short. Maddi loves to write and play with barbies. She is so much fun!

Gaige gets bigger and bigger every day! He loves superheros and dinosaurs he probably knows more about dinosaurs than I do including the correct names for them. He has just taken a interest in word search puzzles. He is a very smart and sweet boy! Gaige is quite the little ham and continually makes me laugh.

Mike is doing great he is still at Sherwin Williams. He just got another mini bike for his birthday this is number 3 It will be a good summer project for him, and hopefully we will be able to take it to the salt this year.

Lets see what else has gone on....Oh yeah I turned the big 30 in January I do have to say it was kind of depressing but I am over it now and embracing my age, after all its only a number. looking back 30 seemed so old until now and I am thinking my life has just begun. I look forward to the many adventures I will have in the future.
well that is all for now. Hope everyone is well. I will post some new pictures soon.


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