Tuesday, April 13, 2010

March and a few other things

March was a pretty slow month for us. We had Grandpa Greats birthday party and that was it as far as big things. We were able to take the kids to the Planetarium one weekend and they really enjoyed that. We also were able to have dinner with our friends Megan and Josh and the kids Liv and Jorja it was fun to spend some time together it doesn't happen often enough. We also got together with our friends Jon and Kiersten we played a way fun Game I think it was called Last Words or something like that. We came up with some pretty interesting things! The kids are growing bigger and bigger every day! I can't believe how much they talk! I remember when I wished they could talk and tell me what was going on, now there are days that I wish it were quiet again :) Its funny how that happens! Gaige is about 38 inches tall and 41 lbs , he loves to play with his tools and dinosaurs. He is full of energy and has told me that he can't wait to play football! Maddi is about 36 inches tall and she finally has made it to 27 lbs! She loves to play with her "friends" which include about 50 babies and stuffed animals. She also likes to read books and color. She is turning into quite the little spit fire, I think she has to in order to keep up with Gaige! Things with me are fine I love my job and the fact I get to say home with the kids all day. Not much has changed. Mike is doing fantastic he is in school and has also made a huge life change, He finally quit smoking! I am so proud of him for doing this not only does it benefit him put it benefits our family too! He is an amazing husband and father and I look forward to growing old with him.

The next thing we celebrated was Easter it was fun this year even though it was a little cold outside. We started the weekend off with coloring easter eggs with Uncle Jakey thenWe had my dad, Jake, Grandpa Great, and Grandma Great over for a Easter Breakfast I made Waffels, eggs, sausage and strawberries. We had a wonderful Breakfast and the kids opened their Easter Baskets! After Breakfast the kids went outside and hunted for eggs! It was so fun watching them they were so excited about all the eggs they found. They kept handing them to my brother and when they wern't looking he would throw more around the yard this went on for quite a while and then it got too cold so we went back in the house. Over all it was a fun filled holiday!

Last but not least We took advantage of the good weather over the weekend and took the kids to the Dinosaur Park this is one of my favorite places to visit I have gone every year since it opened. My grandma and grandpa Thornhill used to take me. The kids had a blast and loved looking at all of the Dinosaurs! It was also Mikes first time there and he thought it was pretty cool. Well I will end for now.

Business Open House

So the open house went pretty well. The food was wonderful and there were a fair amount of people that showed up to see what our new business was about! I was very proud of my daddy and he seemed pleased that everything went so well. I also want to say Thanks to everyone that helped with out you we couldn't have pulled it off!
We all ready have had 6 referrals for the month of April and are hoping for more! So far the business is doing great and I figure once our name gets out there more it will do even better!


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